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Helpful Hints

It does not matter how many years you have been in the working world, there is always a deal to learn about the interview process and your role in the process.

An extremely important thing to consider is whether or not a particular recruiter is going to be able to help you, either directly or perhaps even at all. You will undoubtedly find some recruiting organizations who are "paper mills" and will tell candidates that they can help them with just about any background. You should however, find out what sorts of positions are in groups repertoire...and perhaps in a broad sense of the concept. We, for example, deal with healthcare technology, but not really technical positions in the sense that 100% of the time would be spent with hands on the keyboard or laying down cable. We deal with healthcare, but not home care nor usually managed care. We deal with revenue cycle, but not from a collections perspective. You can sort of figure out what we are best at by pursuing a few of the jobs we have worked on, but even then, the list is not complete and we frequently refer candidates to others.

A good rule of thumb when trying to figure out whether a recruiter or recruiting firm can help you is to ask questions. We welcome your questions. If we can help you, wonderful, if we can't we'll tell you. In our case, because we don't share your data with others without speaking with you about the opportunity, you can send your resume attached to the question. Asking uesitons is never a bad thing.

We have compiled some information for you to review with suggestions for your consideration. We are firm believers that what is meant to happen will, and if it's not, it won't. However, while that may sound like we are fatalists and and absorbed with the notion of pre-destination, we would like to think not. We do believe that that which is meant to be is in a great number of instances influenced or decided by the action we put into the process

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