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A simple thank you note sent to each interviewer for their time continues to be a positive tool in finding employment. Even if an interview does not result in the extension of an offer of employment, the gesture often creates such a unique impression that references into other departments or firms occurs. We have found that the note can be short and need not remind the interviewer of job skills and personal qualifications...and you can send the thank you via email into most corporate cultures, although, even in the age of email, we find that a personal handwritten note via snail mail is well received.

We are going to repeat ourselves here a place emphasis on this one principle. You might think the thank you is a bit of "old school" and perhaps even "corny," but the thank you note remains a classical (and classy) opportunity to make yourself stand out from a crowd of other candidates. Use it to your advantage. While we have been offering this suggestion for over 20 years we still find that the thank you note is not commonly used and continues to provide the advantage it did those 20 some years ago.

It is perfectly acceptable to use a standard format in the email...but this is an opportunity to take information that was developed in the interview conversation and to emphasize your interest and knowledge of the company. This whole thank you concept is a great tool for your toolbox.

Communication with the recruiter after the interview is just as important as those touches when one is trying to score that interview. We find that candidates frequently stop communicating after that interview, even when they are interested. When the client calls the recruiter and asks what the candidate is thinking and what do you know...if the candidate has not talked with the recruiter the response will be, "I don't know." The "I don't know" response, unless packaged just right, is more-or-less the same as a negative response. Communication by all parties is extremely important.

So your interview was on a Friday afternoon and ended later in the day. You think that the end of the week is the end of business for the company? Are you kidding. We are in a technology based business. Many (most) of our clients touch their data phone or computer over the weekends. Sometimes they just need to know what the candidate is thinking. Even on that Friday, get in touch of your recruiter to check in. It's sometimes the difference in making it to that next step in the process.

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